WDTBD: Linq Cast

Linq supplies a Cast option. It can be used in case you have a list with object A that must be converted to a list of object B, where object B inherits of object A. You don’t have to write a foreach or map objects anymore. Advertisements


Cliffhangers in coding

So what am I reading? Well, come back later, I can tell you what it’s about. That sounds quite async when you have to await. LAst year I implemented a migrationscript. After some optimizations it ran 4 hours, and the only feedback was the indication on top of the browser-tab, while the browserpage itself was…


My Delta list

I have done some migrations in a project that already contained some real-world data or that had a follow-up (we have some corrections, could you run it again? Eh… no, it’s a migration functionality, I already told you it’s a synchronize-functionality you wanted)? And for my private backup script I needed to synchronize, so I…