Knock you out

Oei, weer een impulsief projectje. JinglePalette maken, maar dan online. Html5, JQuery en KnockoutJS. Players op de pagina, start, stop, fadeout… Work in progress, maar dit zijn de lessons (re-)learned so far. Advertisements

The turn of a friendly audiocard

Damn. I have a Tascam US-16×08. It’s ASIO… and -as I understand and what I experience- that means it’s only serving one application a time. That’s quite anoying when you want to stream and record a radioshow.

Radio automation PC

Setup a broadcast PC

I have an old PC with legal XP and enough performance to run some broadcast software, and I have a M-Audio Delta 66 interface. After installing all kinds of software I want to sell it. But it was a struggle to accomplish this mission.