Movies just seen

Just a list of movies I’ve seen. Bessie (2015) The life of blues singer Bessie Smith, starring Queen Latifah Think like a man 2 (2014) Starring the beautiful ladies Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Regina Hall en Taraji P. Henson Think like a man (2012) And Kevin Hart Advertisements

WDTBD: Media.UseItemPaths

In my new series “What Does This Button Do” I just write down what happened when I try something. This time a setting in the web.config in Sitecore       <setting name=”Media.UseItemPaths” value=”true” /> Oh… it kicks the GUID out of the image url: somedomain.ext/-/media/9c6aef14f5ba4a2fb3b999a6fda919e8.ashx?mw=500 becomes somedomain.ext/-/media/art/vermeer_meisje_met_de_parel.ashx?mw=500