Time for some reflection on my audio-merger project. The goal is to mix a list of audiofiles to one track. Did I learn something last week?

I use DTO’s, mom

In the time of ASP-Classic it was possible to use classes, but most of the data was transferred field by field. While developing you learn the good practices, like connecting classes not ‘wire by wire’, but by bundling all relevant data-fields in packages: models or DTOs (data transfer objects).

Toad The Wet Sprocket – Walk On The Ocean

In the nineties, living in a small student-apartment, I discovered VOA Europe on my cable-radio. Especially Rob McClean was my favorite DJ. VOA played a nice mix of pop,rock and R&B – and some songs that were not played on Dutch radio. Or just months later. Toad The Wet Sprocket was a band that had a nice radio-rock sound, but never…

From ASP.Net to MVC.Net

Halfway the nineties the internet became available for the public. I created my first html-page, later on I realized some things should be automated and I managed to find a job in -what I call- the automation of web-sites (“oh, you work with the internet, then you can help me with my email…”). Then it…

Mixing audio with .Net and C#

When you want to create code that can handle audio, it’s a bit complicated. Next to the logical part you have to know something about digital audio and audio devices. You develop something that can handle the windows core audio APIs or you can use an Audio library like NAudio, WaveLib or BASS audio library.