WDTBD: [FromUri]

I have an action method in my MVC Api controller. It is invoked as [httpget], so parameters are passed through in the querystring. In my case it’s an integer array: Mydomain.com/[controllername]/[action]?id=1&id=2&id=3 But when I want to use parameter ‘id’ in my code, why is it null and not an array? Obviously I need to add FromUri. [HttpGet]…


Cliffhangers in coding

So what am I reading? Well, come back later, I can tell you what it’s about. That sounds quite async when you have to await. LAst year I implemented a migrationscript. After some optimizations it ran 4 hours, and the only feedback was the indication on top of the browser-tab, while the browserpage itself was…


My Delta list

I have done some migrations in a project that already contained some real-world data or that had a follow-up (we have some corrections, could you run it again? Eh… no, it’s a migration functionality, I already told you it’s a synchronize-functionality you wanted)? And for my private backup script I needed to synchronize, so I…

Radio automation PC

Setup a broadcast PC

I have an old PC with legal XP and enough performance to run some broadcast software, and I have a M-Audio Delta 66 interface. After installing all kinds of software I want to sell it. But it was a struggle to accomplish this mission.