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What’s Your Flava

When developing sites with Umbraco there are different approaches. Quick (and dirty) Neat (and Tidy) In the first scenario will be a good choice when you have to setup a simple site, when there’s no need for custom-logic and almost no additional data to maintain. When you have more data or businesslogic you will need…



The delegate in C#. Like someone said: “Never understood delegates for the last 5 years except that it is function pointer.” That could be me. That concept is not that difficult: a delegate is a variable in the code, but instead of a value it is used to refer to a method.

WDTBD: [FromUri]

I have an action method in my MVC Api controller. It is invoked as [httpget], so parameters are passed through in the querystring. In my case it’s an integer array: Mydomain.com/[controllername]/[action]?id=1&id=2&id=3 But when I want to use parameter ‘id’ in my code, why is it null and not an array? Obviously I need to add FromUri. [HttpGet]…