Radio automation PC

Setup a broadcast PC

I have an old PC with legal XP and enough performance to run some broadcast software, and I have a M-Audio Delta 66 interface. After installing all kinds of software I want to sell it. But it was a struggle to accomplish this mission.

‘Laat het Radioavontuur beginnen!’

Het Radioavontuur. One of the leading radioshows on AmsterdamFM. Originated in 2006 in the ‘mess’ when the station became less depending on SALTO, the local public broadcaster. It was a creation of Tommy Tudeski and me and soon we received the Best-New-Radioshow-award in 2007. In 2012, after some changes in the format and the management of the station the show ended and…

Background Workers

Events and Backgroundworkers

A computer can only perform one task. That’s a disadvantage when a task is time consuming. The systems seems to be freezing, doing it’s task or it can be in a loop without even knowing. So the OS developers setup a solution where processor time is shared. There is same administration to monitor and persist the…

A cable guide solution

Underneath my desk it’s a mess on the floor with cables for power, monitors, audio from an to my audio interface, a microphone and netwerk. I needed some cable guidance.