State of shock (1)

In dit artikel wil ik ingaan op verandering van gedrag. Hetzelfde object gedraagt zich andersin een specifieke situatie of als het ergens door getriggerd wordt. Daarvoor heb je het State Design Pattern en de State Machine.



The delegate in C#. Like someone said: “Never understood delegates for the last 5 years except that it is function pointer.” That could be me. That concept is not that difficult: a delegate is a variable in the code, but instead of a value it is used to refer to a method.

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Some basic things about developing

When you do some programming in C# with dot.Net, you can put all code in one file. However, after a while it becomes very difficult to maintain, like adding new functionality of for fixing bugs. There are some practices you can use to create software that will be easier to work with for you, and…