No more Chromecast on XP?

I have an old, simple XP laptop under the coffee table. I use it sometimes to play the ancient Civ3-game. And most of the time as a remote control for Netflix on TV, using Chromecast.

But today there was no Chromecast anymore.


Trying to reinstall. Easy, the Chromecast page offered the chromecastinstaller download, v1.3.29.5. On your marks, downloading… and bam! “in het installatieprogramma is de fout 1 opgetreden.” (error 1 during installation). Thank God there’s a Help button… that does not provide any explanation about it. Well, let’s install the extension in the browser, but I cannot find the extension. WTF…?

Google fucked up. There are no more updates for Chrome on XP. That’s OK.

Next Google integrates Chromecast in the newer Chrome-browsers. Also no problem.

And Google removed the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Fine.

But why remove the extension from my old XP-Chrome, without a notice or alternative? That’s not OK.


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