Setup a broadcast PC

I have an old PC with legal XP and enough performance to run some broadcast software, and I have a M-Audio Delta 66 interface. After installing all kinds of software I want to sell it. But it was a struggle to accomplish this mission.

Software installed:

Things I run into:

  • The CD player in the PC didn’t open, while I needed it to reinstall Windows. So I had to disassemble a player from another PC and install it in the PC.
  • Windows Update didn’t work. After successfull installation from the original disc I had validated the OS without any problem, so WTF? Seems that an ActiveX control  needed to be updated before it was able to run the Windows Update.
  • MySQL for  RadioDJ. I followed the tutorial to install MySQL on, but the Service for MySQL57 would not start. It gave the message “Error 193: 0cx1”. Some strange obscure issue… Solved by installing a previous version (5.5).
  • The M-Audio Delta 66 seems to have some issues. ZaraRadio and RadioDJ do not show errors, but seems to fail sending data to the device.
    Already installed the latest drivers from M-Audio but no progress. Maybe it makes a difference if I play WAV instead of MP3. Nope.
    For now only when I start another player in the application, the device begins playing.

To be continued.


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