RadioDJ With MySQL on my Zyxel NSA325

I had a local MySQL for my RadioDJ, until my computer got issues and would not start up anymore. So I wanted to have a central MySQL and my NAS should be able to run a MySQL server.

It’s easy to install at System Setting – Firmware/Packages
Next I added a user for RadioDJ and set the permissions. However, after starting the RadioDJ database setup it said my RadioDJ workstation didn’t had access to the server:

I needed to grant the user for my network. In my case, I noticed in the error message the machinename adds the modem name:

host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this server

So, after a small search on internet, I have to create an extra user for the access:

CREATE USER 'RadioDJ_User'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'secretpassword'

The ‘%’ is a wildcard, it should only allow users that exists in the workgroup of the modem.  Next I set all privileges:


With the database setup I now had access and I created a RadioDJ database. Next I restored my most recent backup.


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